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Episode 171: Agency focus - The Fixer Company

Date: 21 Apr 2016
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The Guardian Nigeria launches online TV platform

Guardian TV will provide exclusive video interviews, as well as up-to-the-minute videos from across the world...

28 Apr 2016

Nigeria - next global manufacturing hub?

Nigeria Manufacturing Expo termed a success with 2600+ attendees and high-level policy discussions at mPAD...

25 Apr 2016

Lagos wears a new look

Lagos, Nigeria's populous megacity, is undergoing a transformation. City transforming from chaos of traffic congestion, rickety buses and pickpockets...

By Dr Kingsley Ighobor 21 Apr 2016

How scalable cloud enables African online retail innovation's complete product and customer data intelligence sits in the cloud...

18 Apr 2016

Nigeria and SA: opportunity beckons

The most important aspects of nation branding is ensuring consistency in marketing initiatives and a visible presence...

By Alex Eyengho 8 Apr 2016

Three motivational tips for Nigerian startup founders new to the game

Launching a startup is one of the most arduous endeavors any entrepreneur can pursue as he/she would have to endure the difficult path of innovation, product market fit, team cohesion, and scaling...

By Nkem Ndem V 10 Mar 2016

Top three free video editing apps for smartphones

With the fast development of smartphones with impressive processing power, solid cameras, and varied internal storage capacities in the Nigerian tech market today, you do not need to be certified or have professional cameras shoot a video...

By Nkem Ndem V 2 Mar 2016

The mobile Internet is transforming the way that Nigeria does business

With sub-US$50 smartphones on the way, rapid improvements to telecom infrastructure, and the availability of affordable cloud applications, the mobile Internet is rapidly transforming the way that Nigeria does business...

24 Feb 2016

Hashtag fail? #BringBackOurGirls two years on

Media researchers question success of social media campaign two years on...

14 Apr 2016

Nigeria/South Africa: How different are we?

Africa's two biggest economies, Nigeria and South Africa, have many similarities when it comes to the research numbers.

By Karen Phelan 11 Apr 2016

S&T Media set to grow with $1m investment

Lagos-based digital advertising company S&T Media has secured seed funding to invest in AdPump...

6 Apr 2016

Owerri Mall opens in Nigeria

Owerri Mall, a pioneer retail shopping experience in Owerri State, Nigeria, was opened in March by developer Resilient Africa...

6 Apr 2016

Mixed reactions trail newspaper price increase

Some major newspapers have raised their cover prices at a time when online publishing is giving print media a lot of competition and when Nigerians are wading through financial difficulties...

By Onimisi Alao 4 Apr 2016

The Guardian wins .ng Media Excellence Award

For excellent journalism and media practice both online and offline, The Guardian has emerged winner of the .ng Media Award...

By Adeyemi Adepetun 4 Apr 2016

Leadership, CBN, 69 nominees for .ng Awards

Leadership Newspaper, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and 69 other organisations have emerged as nominees for the 2016 .ng Web Awards being organised by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association...

By Chima Akwaja 29 Mar 2016

African tech hubs looking for sustainable models - Google

Tech hubs in Africa are increasingly looking for diversified and sustainable models, echoing similar efforts by hubs in the US and Europe, according to Google...

By Gabriella Mulligan 24 Mar 2016

Abuja, Nigeria becomes Uber's 400th city to launch

Abuja has become the 400th city in Uber's growing global network. With the launch of Uber, an innovative technology platform, Abuja joins the list of smart transportation hubs in Africa...

24 Mar 2016

Ringier Africa Deals Group acquires Nigerian online shopping platform DealDey

Ringier Africa Deals Group, a newly-founded joint venture between Swiss Ringier Africa AG and South African Silvertree Internet Holdings (Pty) Ltd, has announced it has acquired one of Nigeria's biggest online shopping platforms, DealDey...

24 Mar 2016

MTN says still in talks with Nigerian officials over fine

Telecom giant MTN on Friday insisted negotiations were ongoing with Nigerian authorities to settle a record $3.9bn fine imposed for failing to disconnect unregistered subscribers...

14 Mar 2016

MTN pays USD250m in Nigeria fine dispute

Telecoms giant MTN said on Wednesday it had paid $250 million to the Nigerian government in a dispute over a $3.9-billion fine imposed last year for failing to disconnect unregistered users...

25 Feb 2016

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