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DUO expands footprint into Nigeria, Kenya

Following an increased demand from its clients, specialist ICT marketing and PR agency, DUO Marketing + Communications has announced it will be expanding its presence into Nigeria and Kenya.
"Kenya and Nigeria are two particularly important markets for our clients" says DUO CEO Judith Middleton, "especially those who are developing mobile business services. As a partner, we're taking that journey alongside them."

DUO will pursue distinct strategies in each country depending on its clients' needs, says Middleton. "We're fully aware that these are two very different markets and that each has its own dynamic," she says. "We won't make the mistake of assuming that 'Africa' is a homogenous place."

Specialising in B2B marketing

The firm specialises in business-to-business communication, particularly for medium-sized ICT companies that have their roots in South Africa. "Our clients typically don't have huge marketing budgets and they expect value for their money," says Middleton. "The drivers for PR are strictly commercial - trendiness doesn't carry much weight in this market. We've learned to focus on communicating the hard benefits our clients can deliver."

Building relationships

The company will consider opening local offices when the time is right, says Middleton, "but for now we are investing in building relationships with local journalists, bloggers and opinion formers. We have tried wire distribution, but the results were extremely poor given the high cost - we would rather spend our time, money and attention on developing personal relationships. That's what delivers results."

Middleton acknowledges that "this is new territory for us, as it is for our clients. But it's clear that Africa is a globally attractive market for the ICT industry, and equally clear that African companies face a PR disadvantage going into the rest of the world. There is so much truly transformative technology being developed here - we love being able to give it the platform it deserves."