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Nigeria: Multichoice to launch pay-per-view

Multichoice Nigeria will be launching a pay-per-view (PPV) option in the country. The company emphasised that the PPV concept is a cable or satellite television system in which consumers pay an additional fee to watch a particular programme, according to a report by Vanguard.
According to a report by¬†Telecompaper, the head of public relations of the company, Caroline Oghuma, at a press briefing in Lagos, said it is a concept allowed in pay TV operation, but it is different from pay-as-you-go which has been misconstrued to mean pay-per-view. Oghuma stated that pay-as-you-go, as believed by some customers, is not obtainable in the pay TV business.”

“Pay TV operation is not like the telecom version where you pay for the amount of airtime you want to use,” said Oghuma.

The head of public relations highlighted that the concept is only obtainable when there is a super programme showing exclusively to customers who want to watch said programme. In the case of Multichoice customers, those on the premium bouquet will watch it.

She added that when such programme is beamed, a dedicated channel pops up and disappears after the programme is aired.

Oghuma noted that everywhere in the world they pay to view special programmes or events, even in the US, adding, “Paying for PPV in Europe and the UK is equivalent to paying for two months subscription in Nigeria. We know Africans love boxing that is why we are bringing the best thing that is happening in the world to Africa.”


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Lufuno Siphuma
Interesting concept, I wonder why Multichoice does not implement same in RSA. Some of their customers were forced to pay for premium package only ot watch Mayweather MacGregor fight.
Posted on 17 Sep 2017 22:15