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MTN tackles identity theft

In an effort to eradicate identity theft in the telecommunications sector, MTN Nigeria has introduced a 16 digit security number solution that would make it impossible for hackers and scammers to clone or control subscriber's identity, with intent to commit fraud using a mobile phone line.
MTN Nigeria said the security numbers is aimed at significantly improving customer experience on the MTN network by empowering customers to resolve most of their issues using a number of avenues, including telephone and the internet.

Briefing journalists on the development at a press briefing, customer relations executive at MTN Nigeria, Akin Braithwaite, said that the MTN Security Number opens the door to a world of convenience and Do It Yourself (DIY) for MTN customers.

"The newly introduced MTN Security Number gives customers full access to MTN's entire service channels like Walk-in centres, Customer Care Help line 180, Web Self-Service and My IVR-181" he said.

Braithwaite noted that the introduction of the number was another first by MTN in the industry, adding that although the service was conceived a while ago, the process and system needed time to be designed, developed and tested to be error-proof to ensure a smooth implementation.

The security number according to him is very important and customers must protect it, keep it private and not disclose it to anyone. He added that MTN Nigeria will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the disclosure of the number to third parties.

Braithwaite said the Security Number, which consists of 12 digits Customer Identification numbers and 4 digits Security Key that is totally unique and personal to each customer was already being forwarded to customers via SMS.

Funmi Omobegbigun, general manager, corporate affairs, MTN Nigeria said customers who have registered their SIMs but have not received notification of their MTN Security Number, can visit any MTN Walk-in Centre closest to them or call MTN customer care toll free line - 180, adding that upon verification of ownership of the customer's SIM, the security number will be sent.


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