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Airtel Nigeria offers free Nano SIM cards with new iPhone

As Nigerians await the delivery of the newly launched iPhone 5, Airtel has announced the availability of the special Nano SIM cards specially made for latest iPhone at its stores countrywide.
Airtel Nigeria says all its customers who buy and activate the iPhone 5 with an Airtel data plan from 200MB and above would get the Nano SIM card free of charge.

The SIM card 4FF has the basic functionality of a SIM card but comes smaller in size than the regular ones and is designed to fit into the iPhone 5.

Commenting on the availability of the special SIM, chief marketing officer, Olu Akanmu said Airtel does not allow the existence of any vacuum between its customers and innovation.

Akanmu stressed that even before Apple released the aesthetic piece into the world market, Airtel not only went ahead in ensuring that its customers would have access to the SIMs, it also expanded it data plans accordingly to suit the data needs of its customers by offering them the SIMs free of charge.

"Airtel offers the best innovation to all users of sophisticated devices in Nigeria. We offer them the best of technology to access their business information or any other kind of content that they desire on their devices.

"The Airtel NANO Sim along with the widest 3G coverage of Airtel in Nigeria will deliver the best user experience to all advance device users in Nigeria", Akanmu added.


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