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Nigeria's Five Greatest Living Legends: lessons for brand builders: part two

[Bayo Adekanmbi] You will agree with me that successful brands are not haphazard creations; they emerge from a consistent reinforcement of a point of view that secures permanent placement in the consumers' hallowed space as an ageless, borderless, and timeless influencer of choice. This by implication demands that such brands are not just functionality-driven and thrive on basic category membership but have evolved to earn an elevated space that weaves them seamlessly with the consumers' self-definition and expression.

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Nigeria's Five Greatest Living Legends: lessons for brand builders: part one

[Bayo Adekanmbi] The highly publicised Nigeria's Five Greatest Living Legends voting and final selection has come and gone, but it leaves us with so much to unearth as students of brand evolution. The whole initiative, which I consider very indigenous in context, provides us a very valid basis to substantiate our quest for local insights on how global brands will emerge from this part of the world.

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A healthy brand is a healthy business

[Bayo Adekanmbi] Brands are not inanimate products we pick off the shelf. Like man, they are living entities with extendable organic identities that exist in the hearts and minds of everyone they touch. They evolve like embryonic creatures and grow to take on human personalities that make them powerful forces that control our desires.

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Emeka Enyadike
Groundbreaking cool-drink advertisement launches in Nigeria

Emeka Enyadike[Emeka Enyadike] The Black Eyed Peas are about to crash onto TV screens around the world as they rock it out in the new Pepsi ad.

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Emeka Enyadike
Making capital out of reality shows and their ROI

Emeka Enyadike[Emeka Enyadike] Sometimes I wonder if all that brands ask their agencies for these days are reality shows because I've lost count of the number. There are no dull moments… One ends, another begins and Nigerians just love them all.

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