Graeme Pitt, MD of FGI Africa, an innovative data collection and reporting company, has for the past six years been working in a research and advisory capacity with companies and organisations in various stages of business maturity. His experience spans start-ups, established blue chip companies, donor-funding organisations, government parastatals, global research houses and esteemed business consultancies, covering 24 countries across the continent.
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The FMCG products with huge growth potential in Africa

In Africa the demand for better quality and more sophisticated products and brands is increasing as populations grow and living standards improve...

By Graeme Pitt 11 Aug 2016

Pharmaceutical market is a key growth area in Africa

Africa still holds huge potential for growth and investment, but in order for this to happen basic needs and services must be attended to first...

By Graeme Pitt 21 Jul 2016

Investing in Nigeria 'the Tangy Potato'

Insights into investing in Nigeria, the economic powerhouse of Africa...

By Graeme Pitt 10 May 2016

Intimately understanding the supply and demand chain in Africa

The Africa rising business paradigm has lost a certain amount of traction due to plummeting oil prices and economic pressure globally, with many businesses shifting focus to their local operations. There is, however, still immense potential for business growth on the African continent, but companies do not have the same scope for a trial-and-error approach and have to get it right the first time. This is where business-driven market research really comes into its own...

By Graeme Pitt 18 Mar 2016

Angola the hot potato

More often than not when I am talking to a client about Angola their eyes widen and they give you the 'Are you mad?' look...

By Graeme Pitt 2 Mar 2016

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