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We can't afford to just build greener. We must build less
Cities and climate change: why low-rise buildings are the future - not skyscrapers
More jobs to be gained by energy transition than lost - Irena, ILO
Why real estate investors can make a real difference to climate change
Côte d'Ivoire's Noël N'guessan wins 2021 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation
Cities urged to build upwards but ditch skyscraper obsession
There's a disconnect between research and urban planning in Africa: how to fix it
Innovations on the Nile over millennia offer lessons in engineering sustainable futures
How new design patterns can enable cities and their residents to change with climate change
Bendable concrete and other CO2-infused cement mixes could dramatically cut global emissions
Green buildings can bring fresh air to design, but they can also bring pests
World Architecture Festival announces winner of Grohe Water Research Prize
How digital engineering can help the construction sector meet its decarbonisation targets
A third of our waste comes from buildings. This one's designed for reuse and cuts emissions by 88%

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