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    Blockchain could play an important role in future agriculture and food security

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has further destabilized global food chains supplies. Technological innovations like blockchain can help address these challenges...

    By Abdul-Rahim Abdulai, Carling Bieg, Evan Fraser and Sarah Marquis 16 Apr 2021

    Nestlé Hatcher platform invites collaboration with African innovators

    Best-in-class innovators are presented with an opportunity to be future Nestlé suppliers...

    15 Mar 2021

    Winners of Space-Tech Earth Observation Innovation Challenge announced

    Launched in September 2020, the winners in the Space-Tech Earth Observation Innovation Challenge have been announced...

    15 Feb 2021

    Nigerian startups make ag-tech accessible to small local farmers

    Digital technologies are indispensable in modern agriculture. Yet farmers themselves sometimes lack confidence in adopting particular tools before they're sure of the benefits...

    5 Jan 2021

    Tractors can change farming in good ways and bad: lessons from four African countries

    Agricultural mechanisation is on the rise in Africa, replacing hand hoes and animal traction across the continent...

    By Thomas Daum 29 Dec 2020

    Global agtech market value to reach $22bn by 2025

    The agtech market is comprised of services such as agricultural sensors for crop management, GPS field mapping, and supply chain management...

    26 Nov 2020

    The fourth agricultural revolution is coming - but who will really benefit?

    AI, robots and other technologies could transform farming - for worse as well as for better...

    By David Rose and Charlotte-Anne Chivers 16 Sep 2020

    The coronavirus pandemic requires us to understand food's murky supply chains

    Six months ago, you may not have thought much about where your groceries were produced. But chances are you're thinking about it now...

    By Cory Searcy and Pavel Castka 6 Aug 2020

    GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize returns in 2020

    The GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition 2020 gives hope and support to the agripreneurs on the African continent...

    21 Apr 2020

    Summit to explore scaling up innovation in agriculture

    The fourth Agri-Food Tech & Innovation Summit, hosted by the Africa Agri Council is set to explore the upsurge in new thinking and the game-changing developments in agricultural practices and technology, and what is needed to scale these innovations to reach smallholder farmers and agribusinesses...

    5 Feb 2020

    3 African projects to receive Internet Society Foundation grants

    The new Internet Society Foundation has issued its first set of medium and large grants (ranging from $12,000 to $30,000 each) to 13 projects, including three from Africa...

    20 Dec 2019

    FarmSmart, Amido partner to launch new mobile app for African farmers

    Providing recommendations for farmers based on location, soil type, season and irrigation access, the app provides a powerful source of knowledge to smallholder farmers online and offline...

    30 Oct 2019

    How technology can enhance affordable, sustainable agriculture in Africa

    Set to speak at the Agritech Africa 2020 conference in Cape Town in June next year, Dr Max Wengawenga, assistant chief economic advisor to the president of Malawi, says that Africa needs more innovation in the agricultural sector...

    8 Oct 2019

    Reshaping food systems with innovation and knowledge

    A major focus for the FAO is establishing a new business model based on science, data, transparency and accountability and that is conducive to strong partnerships with the private sector...

    7 Oct 2019

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