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Our Wedding Story Nigeria launches website

On 21 July 2012, Our Wedding Story Nigeria (OWSN) launched their wedding website to the public. The website is aimed at giving everyone a chance to tell their love stories, share pictures and videos of their wedding day.
The website hopes to connect with every young person who wants to share their story with millions of other people and is expected to a way to engage the general public into the site's features and content. This will also be supported by social media awareness on social networks.

According to its editor-in-chief, Tunde Alex-Oni says "OWSN is a breath of fresh air to all other wedding related sites we have in Nigeria. It gives a personalised feel to the users and couples can manage their accounts, update their posts, stories and pictures just like on Facebook, for free! It also gives them the opportunity of sharing their story to inspire many aspiring couples not only in Nigeria but also around the world"

"The OWSN dream tries to connect to individuals who have a true love tale and want people to be inspired and touched by their story. We also have daily tips, reviews and articles which are wedding related of course and will blow your mind away! Nothing beats the feel of uniqueness and sense of belonging we bring to visitors and users of OWSN" he added.

Evolving wedding scene

Founded in 2011, OWSN has taken efforts to understand the ever evolving wedding scene in Nigeria and in the diaspora, the trend setters, style and has also gotten reviews and opinions from the most creative, and successful individuals and companies who have years of experience in fashion, travel/lifestyle, events planning and marriage counselling.

With a team of writers in three continents of the world and reporters who have scoured far and wide for exclusive interviews with the 'who is who' on the wedding and bridal scene while dishing out reviews on wedding venues, bridal shops, holiday spots, daily tips and so on.

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