Reality TV show fights obesity in Nigeria

A reality television show for encouraging healthy living and fight against obesity is set to hit the Nigerian television airwaves. The third season of Nigeria's first weight loss reality TV show, the Fastest Shedder is intended at raising awareness against obesity and inspiring plus size people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Reality TV show fights obesity in NigeriaAccording to the founder of the TV show, Seyi Olusore, “The aim of the reality show is to create a unique social oriented platform where contestants and viewers can be educated on fitness and healthy living, share their weight loss stories, whilst getting support and encouragement.’’

Olusore stated that many Nigerians face a lot of emotional, social and physical abuse from being overweight thus he decided to create the Fastest Shedder to aid raise awareness against overweightness and body shaming. 

Olusore specified, “The programme proves that Nigerians can do anything they set their minds to and that we also have untapped talent who are passionate about their health just waiting to be discovered.”

Auditions are currently continuing and the show will end in March next year. The auditions are organised in a way that each participant begins with a weigh-in to determine their initial statistics which will serve as a baseline to determine the overall result.

The goal of the fastest shedder is to determined who has the highest weight loss relative to their initial weight.


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