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#YouthMatters: Chidi Nwaogu, nominee for Techpreneur of the Year at 2021 FOYA Awards
From East to West: What the new Covid-19 consumer behaviour across Kenya and Nigeria means for brands on the continent
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#StartupStory: Christopher, the future of AI in Africa
New monetisation models for media are needed
Using data analytics and CRM to drive customer centricity and win loyalty
Google's new 'My Storytime' platform helps families stay in touch
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Amanda Alves, head of digital at Publicis Machine. Image supplied.
Meet Facebook News: its new 'dedicated place' for news in the US
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The reason AI can predict consumer behaviour
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Empowering news organisations through technological innovation
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Image credit: Simon Steinberger from Pixabay.
#FB@15: Inside Facebook's 4 Cs for innovation
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The Lion King roars to life on the big screen in a whole new way
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