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#Newsmaker: Producer Eddie Chitate launches Africa's newest streaming platform
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Photo by Jayme McColgan on .
New monetisation models for media are needed
Video Exchange Africa, AfricaCom Panel (L-R): Siddhartha Roy, Cees van Versendaal, Russell Southwood, Ryan Solovei.
Creating relevant brands for African audiences
John Ugbe.
Managing director for the A+E Networks Africa's EMEA territories, Dean Possenniskie. Image supplied.
Kantar CEO, Eric Salama. Image supplied.
Vukani Mngxati, chief executive officer for Accenture Africa.
Microsoft CMO on the transformation of digital marketing
#BizTrends2019: Bizcommunity hosts #BizTrendsLIVE!, an overview
4 trends shaping the future of TV and entertainment
Africa Video Forum, AfricaCom 2018.
General manager for the Middle East and Africa, Amanda Turnbull.
Outrage at Nigerian media bill
How to deal with the troll armies
#AfricaMonth: Media companies need to invest in African content
TV celebrity and CEO of Special Effects Media, Danilo Acquisto. © .
Alexi Wheeler, vice president, animation production and development, Nickelodeon.
Charles Murito, country manager of Google Kenya |
#AfricaCom: What is an African broadcaster in a multi-platform world?
Joseph Hundah
Kui Kariuki
The future of TV is here
Imposing one story on Africa is doing it a disservice
[2013 trends] SA's youth trend-o-meter
African league football now available on MultiChoice
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