Help! I need a training course

I need a 3 - 5 days training course in media planinng and buying in SA. Do anyone have an idea of available ones? 19 Feb 2009

Journists as PR Managers.

It is sad that this the same particularly in Africa. It is not actually the fault of journalists but the lack of understanding and appreciation of those that employ them, the Government in particular. Their perception of a PR person is only being able to make headlines in the Media, if that is to advantage or not is not always considered. Maybe also the true practitioners are too silent. We owe it a responsibility to educate government on the differnce between a journalist and a PR practitioner. With the evolution even in the PR profession to Reputation Management we are not only to talk we should SHOUT!!!. Prince Adeyemi Asewunmi. CAM;MNIPR; rpa.(Lagos Nigeria) 19 Feb 2009

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What future does advertising has in the current global economic crunch? 19 Feb 2009

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Project Fame

Besides 5fm, why has this exceedingly horrid little show not got more bad press? 18 Aug 2004

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Do these 'feel-good' ads really inspire goodwill?

The latest Shell ad lauds Shell's Public Affairs manager for his involvement in developmental and educational projects in Southern Africa. 8 Jan 2004

ThisDay launched on 7 October - will it survive?

It is a national daily at R3.00/issue. Will advertisers support it? How does the first few issues look? The focus is quality news with daily copy from the London Times and New York Times. Sharing African focused content with the Nigerian This Day should also raise the quality and reduce costs. 9 Oct 2003

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Is This Day going to bring their irresponsible journalism to South Africa?

After the newspaper triggered bloody riots in Nigeria over the Miss World contest the question begs asking - What kind of national newspaper is This Day going to introduce to South Africa early next year? 24 Nov 2002

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