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Borderless Access is a digital MR company, providing access to consumer and niche audience experiences to its global clientele with its first-party online panels and its products and research solutions.
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Consumer sentiments about South Africa's economic outlookThe South African economy has been struggling for a while now, with its recovery further hampered by the country's acute energy shortages and resultant load shedding. President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his 2020 State of the Nation Address, was candid about the prolonged economic slump, stating: "Our economy has not grown at any meaningful rate for over a decade." He stated unequivocally that the load shedding was having a "debilitating" effect on the country. 2 Mar 2020 Read more

How digital online research achieves superlative levels of insightDigital online research is taking off slowly in Africa, despite offering the continent so many evident benefits over traditional methods. Bev Tigar, Lead Business Development Consultant, Africa, of Borderless Access elaborates on some of these. 13 Feb 2020 Read more

Misperceptions of digital online research, and how these are overcomeDigital online research is without doubt the optimum way to gather research and uncover insights in the African continent. Yet it is taking time to gain traction. Ejaz Mirza of Borderless Access discusses some of the misperceptions that exist around the industry - and how progressive service providers are addressing these. 15 Jan 2020 Read more

Digital online research advances our globe - yet Africa lags behindAfrica is fertile ground for digital online research. Yet paradoxically, the continent is not yet optimising digital developments in the market research field as much as it could do. 13 Dec 2019 Read more

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