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Everlytic is the leading Cloud Marketing Software solution in South Africa. Every day hundreds of top South African and international companies use our software to send millions of messages to their customers and subscribers. With our bulk and transactional email and SMS engines you can manage all of your digital communications from one central hub. Whether it be newsletters and notifications, to statements and system generated messages, Everlytic is the leader in ensuring top delivery rates.
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Pitfalls of neglecting your email deliveryEmail marketers face a myriad of challenges in sending emails at scale and ensuring that as many as possible get read, whilst avoiding the technical pitfalls that may lead to blacklisting and a complete stop of delivery. And the stakes are always high: a 10% lower delivery rate means a similar reduction in sales, people attending an event, and chances of KPIs being hit. Fortunately, by managing just a few aspects more strategically, companies and marketing teams can quickly see a meaningful and hugely positive difference in their email campaign results. 24 Nov 2021 Read more

Understanding customer-centric content marketing for better email engagementEmail marketing is something most businesses are doing but few get right. Often, this causes frustration because responses are low, or customers simply ignore the campaigns altogether. Fortunately, by tweaking your approach, email marketers can make great inroads to creating content that drives engagement. 27 Oct 2021 Read more

6 bulk communication tips to improve your marketing plan**This article was originally published on the Everlytic blog on 20 August 2021 26 Aug 2021 Read more

Winning the war for inbox attention: Simple strategies to land your Black Friday emailsTaking inspiration from the peppered moth, here's how to stand out in the proverbial internet crowd... 27 Jul 2021 Read more

You hate robocalls for the wrong reasonsThink back to your favourite robocall experience. You probably don't have one. Last week, at a dinner party, I asked the guests to recall their favourite robocall experiences. It was interesting and thrilling, not quite nobody enjoys receiving a robocall. I don't. You don't either. It is one of the few things people nearly unanimously unite behind. Why do businesses keep using the channel? Is there a better way to use it? Why do people hate it so much? 29 Jun 2021 Read more

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