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For over 85 years, we have earned the trust of our clients around the world by solving critical business questions in their decision-making process around consumers, markets, brands and media. Our reliable data and insights, together with advanced AI capabilities, have revolutionized access to real-time actionable recommendations that drive marketing, sales and organisational effectiveness of our clients and partners. That's how we promise and deliver "Growth from Knowledge".
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WATCH: Unfolding consumer and market trends, and how brands can win in a volatile marketIn this BizTakeouts interview we speak to Zak Haeri, managing director and Nicolet Pienaar, head of market insights at GfK South Africa, to find out more about the latest market changes and trends, how consumer behaviour is changing, and the importance of real-time access to the latest data and intelligent automation... 13 Dec 2021 Read more

Transform customer experience with AI-powered intelligent decision-makingArtificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming an essential tool for every organisations globally. Whether your business is scaling up, building resilience or trying to boost profit margins, AI has a vital role to play in today's decision-making process. Companies across sectors in South Africa are seeking a competitive edge and greater efficiency in this time of uncertainty. In the wake of the pandemic, every organisation wants to extract the right signals from the noise to make better decisions, faster. 30 Nov 2021 Read more

Maximising data driven business growth: GfK launches AI-supported intelligence platform "gfknewron" in South Africa
  • Innovative market, consumer and brand intelligence platform combines data, analytics, and AI-powered forecasts
  • New platform offers guidance for strategic planning and predictions in one interactive source 10 Nov 2021 Read more

  • gfknewron 2.0: Exciting new features to boost product revenue and take market shareAI-enabled features give better predictions at speed in highly unpredictable landscapes 7 Apr 2021 Read more

    Black Friday period shows disappointing growth for technical goods retailSouth Africa's technical consumer goods market sees subdued spending as consumers weigh up each purchase carefully, trade up for better value and make strategic purchases for the home. 23 Dec 2020 Read more

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