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Francois Kriel is an IMCSA accredited management consultant with change management and digital transformation as specialisation areas. He works full-time as director at Kriel & Co where he leads a dynamic team currently facilitating digital change at several high-profile organisations. Francois also supports Stellenbosch University as guest lecturer to business management honours students. He is an advocate for collaborative leadership, mentorship and LGBTQI+ inclusivity.
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Now is a good time for organisations to take stock of evolving opportunitiesChanges in technology have taken on many faces over the last few years, but recently some of the change we've experienced has been harder to predict. The uncomfortable feeling that is often present during events or things that are changing brings an opportunity to focus on the known, instead of the unknown - if you allow yourself. See this as step one of navigating and leveraging change! 13 Jan 2022 Read more

Direct marketing for brands and marketing agencies in the privacy-first eraHas the privacy era and the evolving opt-in sensitive culture killed direct marketing as we used to know it? 1 Dec 2021 Read more

Find your organisation's sweet spot for infinite change: CultureWhen you belong to a chosen community, you have most likely made a conscious choice to actively participate alongside a group of like-minded individuals. The goal? To reach a shared objective - whether this is to keep your local beach or park litter free, whether it is to promote the interests of your industry, or whether you are part of the local Tuesday afternoon soccer team. 2 Nov 2021 Read more

Blind spots an information officer needs to navigate when preparing for cybersecurity threatsThink about this question for a second: What is the probability that your organisation might fall victim to a cybersecurity threat? 6 Oct 2021 Read more

#BizTrends2021: 4 areas in which your business can practice its swivelUnforeseen events give us an opportunity to not only overcome the challenge, but to consider how we could best implement change practically to achieve a better outcome. The same principle applies just as much to policies and procedures of organisations when the likelihood of change, be it interruptions of large- or small-scale, are top of mind before these events take place. 3 Sep 2021 Read more

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