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LexisNexis® South Africa is at the forefront of legal content and technology, providing intelligent data and analytics solutions to trailblazers in the Corporate, Government and Legal sectors.
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Africa's first legal text on eDiscovery publishedHundreds of billions of emails are sent and received on a daily basis and it has been calculated that more than 97% of business documents are created electronically. In addition, the modern, digital world sees the average person produce thousands of digital records or electronically stored information (ESI) daily, ranging from computer generated content such as emails and their attachments, social media, cellphone data, digital audio or video recordings and more. 3 Mar 2021 Read more

Legal tech CEO shares 10 leadership tips for womenWomen in Tech (WIT) Conversations is an all-women virtual forum launched recently to spark interaction and impart professional insights for the advancement of women in the South African tech space. 2 Mar 2021 Read more

Stay ahead of trends with unmatched legal intelligenceAccording to a host of industry pundits and legal technology experts globally, the year 2021 looks set to push the trends accelerated in 2020 even further, with artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and intelligent legal research among the big issues to watch. 22 Feb 2021 Read more

Women in Tech virtual forum to launchTwo technology giants have joined forces to introduce an all-women virtual forum that will bring women in the South African tech space together to learn from each other, share their challenges and empower a new breed of leaders in the industry. 15 Feb 2021 Read more

The presumption of innocence - illustrated: Navigating through complex layers of legal data to provide legal answersAny discussion about presumptions in law would be incomplete without mentioning the presumption of innocence. It is a provision which enshrines rights inherent in the common law, and lies, as O'Regan J remarked in S v Coetzee and Others 1997 (4) BCLR 437 (CC), at the very "heart" of "our law relating to crime and punishment".1 26 Jan 2021 Read more

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