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Island retreats for South Africans - What's on and what's offThe latest round of travel bans implemented at the end of November put paid to travel plans to many people hailing from southern Africa or intending to visit these countries. It was a move that pushed an already depressed travel industry almost to the brink of extinction. 10 Jan 2022 Read more

Beat the travel bans - Let them inspire your travels insteadInternational travel bans on the verge of our busiest holiday season are the last thing South Africa needs right now. Yet, there are ways to turn these tragedies into a good thing for your holiday plans this summer. 13 Dec 2021 Read more

Travel solutions on the horizon for South African tourismIn the aftermath of the 2020 lockdown, South Africa faces two major issues. These are an economic slump and a tourism industry that's suffered enormously under restricted movement. Now, businesses and airlines are suggesting a first step to combat both these issues. 8 Nov 2021 Read more

South Africans are discovering a world of travel optionsInternational travel might be off the cards for many South Africans right now thanks to bans, restrictions, and all manner of lists, but that's proving to be a great thing for South Africans wanting to explore whether South Africa truly is a world in one country. 5 Oct 2021 Read more

SA's airline industry springs back into action this seasonAs the wheels of travel start to turn once again, the most debated news this month is SAA's questionable return to the skies, but who else is back in action in time for the summer? These are the airlines currently flying and what they offer. So, get inspired and let's get back to exploring our lovely country. 6 Sep 2021 Read more

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