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We deliver beautiful Agency Management technology that will help your firm win the best accounts, deliver the greatest projects, delight your clients and be more profitable. Workbook by Deltek. Looks good. Lifts heavy.
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What your agency may look like in 2022 (and how to get your team prepared)Research from Gartner estimates that at the start of 2022, 32% of all employees worldwide will be working remotely. Remote work was slowly becoming more popular in some industries pre-pandemic, but when the world was forced into a work-from-home situation in 2020, it forced many agencies to take a look at what the office of the future looks like. 3 Nov 2021 Read more

Magnetic partners with Pernod Ricard's global agency, The MixMagnetic partners with Pernod Ricard's global agency, The Mix, to create a single platform to run all marketing processes internally and with external agencies across 17 countries. 18 Oct 2021 Read more

How to pivot your agency in a post-pandemic world"Pivot, pivooooot, pivooooot!" 14 Sep 2021 Read more

The Whalley Collective prepares for growth and creates seamless team communication throughout the agency with Deltek WorkBookSilversoft is delighted to announce that The Whalley Collective has chosen Deltek WorkBook to assist their agency in their next phase of growth. 2 Jun 2021 Read more

How to motivate your team to produce good work, even during a global pandemicWe all know what it's like to dig deep on a Monday morning, trying to find the smallest bit of motivation to get out of bed and dress for work. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it sort of threw the world into a permanent 'Monday morning' situation. Along with the increased levels of stress and anxiety it brought to agencies and businesses all over the globe, came an adjustment to remote working and a struggle amongst employees to find motivation to be innovative and creative. 24 May 2021 Read more

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