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Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman

Digital Marketer and Content Developer at


Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman is a digital marketer and content developer at Nigerian online travel agency, With years of experience in the media and journalism, he brings his passion and experience into the confluence where travel and technology meet.
Chatbots and the hospitality industry

Key players in the hospitality industry are still trying to figure out how to build the perfect chatbot - smart, capable of understanding complex semantics, and conversing with the customer as an experienced service rep would...

By Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman 24 Jul 2017

VR in travel and hospitality: Is it a fad?

Will VR be relevant in hospitality decades from now, or is it just a shiny fad?

By Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman 26 Jun 2017

Voice search and its impact on the hospitality industry

In years past, there was a dominant form of agricultural practice - sharecropping. A landlord would rent out his land, and farmers would rent it and pay in harvested crops.

By Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman 22 Jun 2017

The hotel room of the future

Guest-centric features that revolve around technology will define the future of the hotel room and all the advancements will be geared towards making the guest king...

By Jogbojogbo Abdulrahman 9 Jun 2017

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