John Harvey

Media Relations Consultant at Rogerwilco
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


    John Harvey is Media Relations Consultant at Roger Wilco, an established, award-winning digital marketing agency based in Cape Town. He was weaned and came of age on a very unhealthy diet of newsprint and post-midnight deadlines - yet still comes back for more.
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    Banking on branding as important as ever

    There can be little doubt that the proliferation of entry-level banks in the past few years has vastly changed South Africa's financial landscape...

    By John Harvey 6 Mar 2015

    Bound for the cloud... 'The race to zero'

    An interesting new paper by IBM, entitled Cloud bound, suggests cloud computing's potential has "rapidly captured the attention of companies using outsourcing providers to manage their IT environments"...

    By John Harvey 11 Nov 2014

    Funding the tech startup: South Africa's next hurdle

    Such is the tech age in which we now live that the word "startup" automatically translates as a new company whose business is centred on digital innovations like apps, algorithms and other technologies...

    By John Harvey 16 Oct 2014

    CSR programmes... marketing gimmick or marketing gold?

    South African businesses have always been quick on the uptake when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, but the question is often asked...

    By John Harvey 10 Sep 2014

    Independents are fuelling Africa

    Independent petrol retailers are making impressive gains across Africa, presenting a challenge to franchise operators for oil giants that have monopolised the continent's markets for decades.

    By John Harvey 14 Jul 2014

    Checking your cell... for a car

    South Africans are following global trends when it comes to buying cars online, including younger motorists increasingly using their cellphones to browse for the most suitable vehicle.

    By John Harvey 3 Jul 2014

    Medical aid and freedom of choice

    The recent threat by Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters to withdraw from Parliament's medical aid scheme has placed the spotlight firmly on companies insisting that employees make use their preferred service provider(s).

    By John Harvey 24 Jun 2014

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